Helping Hank Collab

2017-05-05 15:19:09 by Shadz64

I'm making a collab because a movie is taking to long and i'm running out of ideas. so i thought "hey lets make a collab aka coop collab" bascially its were we all do a clip that follows an scene someone previous has made. 

                                                                                   Collab Members


@klouad = 0/?

@MatelOl = 0/?

I'll update this when someone joins or makes a clip :D and the deadline is july 5th. so just say "can i join?" or "add me in faggot" in the comments or what ever :D


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2017-05-05 15:25:55

Duhhhh idk

Shadz64 responds:

its like when I do the intro someone does the first then the second then so-on-and so forth :)


2017-05-05 15:37:38

Deadline? and add me