Aye! Making Another collab :D

2017-07-25 15:49:37 by Shadz64

Watch This and you'll understand what i mean. -----> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWPia0Iy3f8&t=30s 

Its like you take one character then the next person in the collab will take that same or diffrent character and so on and so forth. basically what happens is that an event that happens in the last scene the next scene whoever animates it will have to deal with it. (btw, its Called "Madness Extraction"


1 = Shadz64 (Me)

2 = xKirxeee

3 = klouad

4 = LetsRocketIt

5 =

5 Spaces... Join if you want just say stuff like "add me in" or "fag! add me in" or whatever you want to say

MD2017, September 22


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2017-07-26 13:00:29

You are only adding bad animators, you should wait until you get more fans and add some good animators.

Shadz64 responds:

Well, idk how to get more fans because from how I see things. I get fans from Collabs I'm in
or just by random


2017-07-26 14:34:37

You can join some collabs or make a solo project or even art, that is how you get fans. And until you get fans you can make a collab. But. You added people with very low skills that are going to ruin the collab. so in my opinion, you should cancel the collab.

Shadz64 responds:

Well i don't wanna cancel it because i just started dude xD


2017-07-27 17:28:59

@Aleksey33lol lol you are actually like 5x worse than me xP


2017-07-27 17:37:24

@xKirxeee lol, have you even seen my tests?


2017-08-07 11:30:58

Add me in! Seems Fun :D

Shadz64 responds:

kk do you have discord? cuz i will add you on discord and add you to the discord group :D


2017-08-08 01:24:21

Discord: LetsRocketIt#0741

Shadz64 responds:



2017-08-12 16:07:28

I'm not being harsh or anything, pal. I'm giving you a suggestion, But still, you are trying to do something yourself. And that's a good thing, and i wish you the best of luck.

Shadz64 responds:

Thank you for saying "i wish you the best of luck." but, do you want to join? and why did you be so harsh when i started this?


2017-08-13 02:50:21

I'm really sorry if you tought i was being harsh, but i wasn't. I was helping you for your own good so the collab doesn't go bad. And i can't join because of many collabs i'm in.

Shadz64 responds:

ah, ok sorry for the inconvenience.