Get Prepared

2017-12-14 13:40:34 by Shadz64

"Welp. Solo Project it is then. Madness Mafia doesn't have any progress Because of djsans not doing his part. So i guess we gotta wait. anyways, i'm doing a project that will blow your... nothing will be blown off your body. its gonna be a typical madness animation (sorta) and i will show you some progress along the way. 
5903761_151327675773_1.pngThe 3 Musketeers..

Have a Good Day ~ Shadz Out

EDIT: Sprites are by : IsraelNikerson


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2017-12-14 14:57:37

Lmao, nice not crediting these sprites

Shadz64 responds:

god dronik, can you please take it down a notch? literally you just complain about everything.

Sorry to be rude but, jesus.


2017-12-14 17:29:03

It's for ya own sake

Shadz64 responds:

well, how you said it was kind a douchey


2017-12-14 20:01:03

I thought we were gonna restart it cause we both improved and we don't want the bad scenes in it ;-;

Shadz64 responds:

well you never said anything about it !


2017-12-14 20:03:38

I have you just forgot it yah Dudeo

Shadz64 responds:

am not stup. you are stup ;3