New YT Channel

2017-08-23 01:40:00 by Shadz64

so, most people dont know What Sooc Studios is, so i desided to put the channel here. 

So just click Sooc Studios < right here or up ^ There.

so please, Sub, like, and turn on notifications. 

and expect daily uploads :)

Peace OutShadz64


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2017-08-23 05:50:44

this rule

Shadz64 responds:

i was going to ask some peeps if they wanted to join... do you want to join? and plus.... can i trust you?


2017-08-24 13:33:58

Subbed :)

Shadz64 responds:

You sure? cuz we originally had 6 subs...... and do you want to join? PM me yes or no....


2017-08-24 14:24:29

I'm one of those 6 people :D

Shadz64 responds:

kk but do you want to join? its like GPS in a way but with memes
and any type of animation


2017-08-24 14:29:16

Sorry but i'm already in a group :I

Shadz64 responds:

alright thanks for the response