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Were going back to our roots...

2017-10-18 22:06:30 by Shadz64

So, i'm making a thingy. i'm not gonna spoil it tho.

5903761_150837876353_goingbacktoourroots.png Like I said, "Were going back to our roots."


2017-10-15 12:02:40 by Shadz64

heres my oc if you need it. 

Have a Good Day ~ Shadz64

What in the...

2017-10-12 22:05:40 by Shadz64

Woah! i just checked my Fans and i have 30 fans! Thank you ^-^ 

Now this might seem odd but, i think my animation quality went down. alot actually. 

heres proof.

Neato'? or Shit? Tell me.

Okay yeah...

2017-10-11 07:27:41 by Shadz64

yeah so.. the last post i did was pretty bad. but! i was just mad at Narrowedblits is all. i'm hoping that we can all just drop this.

Still Alive,

2017-10-09 22:45:55 by Shadz64

well, i'm not dead yet (luckily) but i also got motivation to animate again! :D so i made a test and i would say its decent from what i have done before.

tell me what you think my dudes.

Peace Out! ~Shadz64 

Bunnykill Collab!

2017-10-06 22:54:58 by Shadz64

So everyone knows the series bunnykill right? Because if you don't... then watch this now nibba. 

Done Watching it? alright so this is an idea me and Djsans had. So if you are interesed than consider joining.


1 = Shadz64 0/3

2 = Djsans 0/3

3 = ส็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็ (?) 0/?

4 = LetsRocketIt 0/?

5 = TinyTower 0/?


6 = T3xno 0/?


7 = ShootDaCheese 0/?

8 = KingX0 0/?


9 = Madness Wolf 0/?


10 =

Since nobody reads this part (and if you did) then you get a special treat! PM me if you read this. don't lie or i will chop your nuts off. (lol) 
EDIT: Djsans sucked my dick to join. (jk)

Sad Day for me...

2017-10-06 21:45:57 by Shadz64

Seems like noone made something for my birthday. sooo i guess my birthday isn't important to people. alright like i care.

Life Sucks ~Shadz64

Someones B-Day PT2

2017-10-03 16:48:54 by Shadz64

its my birthday my dudes. so i'm hoping for some animations made by people or something else kool. 

See ya ~Shadz64

EDIT: I forgot to link my oc. sorry. here it is ---> 

Have a Good Day my dudes.

Someones B-Day...

2017-09-30 12:42:24 by Shadz64

So, My BirthDay is in 3 days. (October 3rd) Which is cool because i get to see some of my great friends! :D 

See ya When its My B-Day. 


Short: Madness Break

2017-09-26 05:30:56 by Shadz64

Making a Short. (Trying To Go For about 1 maybe 2 minutes) 
Heres a Sneaky Peeky :D
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